Awakening the Lion

by Listening To Smile



Awakening The Lion

Astrology theme for August is: unification of the pioneer and humanitarian, refined drive / focus, passion and direction.

1. Green / Yellow Prana (587.2Hz) This is a blend of the 528 (frequency of love) and 639 (frequency of the heart chakra) based on solfeggio scale. This track is a down tempo electronic track that can be used for slow movement or restorative classes. It is hypnotic and trance based, so it can be used to go deep into the Self. This frequency helps the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra work together to teach you to love confidently and feel empowered.

2. Blue Prana (794.5Hz) This is the frequency that comes just above the throat chakra based on solfeggio scale. This is a 6 minute meditation track which builds on the track before it, so it can be used in order or separately. This frequency assists us in speaking the truth and being clear with ourselves. This month is going to have a lot of release work due to the Lion’s Gate and the solar eclipse, so this track is designed to help you become clear on your boundaries and speak your truth with love.

3. The Twelve Petals (639Hz) (heart chakra based on solfeggio scale). This is a long meditative track with three movements that are meant for release and re-balancing for the heart chakra. This frequency helps to create space for surrender and healing. It will help prepare us for deeper intimacy and vulnerability that serve for the basis of healthy relationships and connectivity.

4. I See Clearly My Inexhaustible Supply (396Hz) (root chakra based on solfeggio scale). This track utilizes guitar and vocals to add a multidimensional layer. This is a low and smooth frequency that helps to cleanse feelings of guilt and fear. This frequency has the ability to repair energetic issues around one’s sexuality. It will boost confidence and motivation.

5. Archangel Haniel (210.42Hz) This is the synodic moon frequency related to the sacral chakra. It is associated with cosmic energy and mastery of emotions. It stimulates sexual energy and supports erotic communication. It is medicinal for women and can regulate menstrual cycles. Archangel Haniel balances female hormonal issues and also helps all genders to tap into psychic and intuitive messages.


released August 1, 2017



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