The Divine Call

by Listening To Smile

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aumgirl I love this album! I wanted to pick a fav track but couldn't! Now that is a good problem to have! :) Amazing Album! Highly recommend! I loved it so much I had to gift it to my Sis too!


SOL – 741 Hz – F # ( Throat Chakra )

This frequency deals with areas of empowerment, speaking one’s truth, and self-confidence. It cleans the cells of toxins and electromagnetic radiation. This frequency is helpful for generating ideas, clear speaking, creative thinking, and increasing self-confidence

UT – 396 Hz – G ( Root Chakra )

This is a low and smooth frequency, it works to cleanse feelings of guilt, fear, and trauma that produces these emotions. This frequency helps move and clear sexual trauma, and physically release in the form of crying or laughing. This frequency has the ability to repair energetic issues around one’s sexuality.

LA – 852 Hz – G # ( Third Eye Chakra )

This frequency helps one reconnect with their spiritual order. It cuts through illusions, helping one see themselves and their environment with clarity. It is an excellent frequency for deep dreams, astral projections, connecting with spirits on the other side, as well as connecting authentically with one’s physical surroundings.


released February 1, 2017



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Listening To Smile Charleston, South Carolina

Thank you so much for your interest in my CD's! The frequencies of all my music and meditation CD's are based on the Solfeggio scale, Schumann resonances, and pure tones. All CD's are for personal use and not for distribution. If your facility is interested in providing Sonic Meditations, we invite you to become a Certified Sonic Meditation Provider through ... more

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